March 23, 2016

Brought back new work that will be going into the Gallery at The Glass Station in May…

CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!

20160323_130442 20160323_130518 20160323_130752

Custom Installation in a Private Home

What a fun and challenging project!

The entryway of a beautiful home is now separated from the main living space by a ‘wall’ of ‘floating’ salmon, attached to an aluminum frame with airplane cable. Windows in the doorway, and then on the far wall beyond the couches allow natural light to brighten the fish and bubbles from both sides; when it is dark outside, indoor lighting does the rest!

Commission-4 Commission-5

The second part of the installation involved swimming with salmon up and around a stairwell to the bedrooms and office spaces of the home.



Summer 2016:

With the help friends for finishing touches, The Glass Station gets a new face! Thanks for helping with the details, Nancy and Trudy!!



Glass Station FrontElemental Nexus at the Craft Council Gallery

Elemental Nexus, a four-person installation of glass, metal, and stone is up for just this last week at the Devon House Main Gallery in St. John’s… if you are the Big City, stop by and check it out! For those of you who might not make it all the way to the Avalon, I am posting images on my blog.